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Security analytics on the modern data stack

Your security stack has gotten too slow and too expensive. Tarsal is easiest way to adopt the modern data stack for your team.

Effortless Data Ingestion

Native connectors and schemas for your most important sources.

Seamless Load to Anywhere

Data Lakes, SIEMs, XDRs -- wherever you need your data, Tarsal has you covered

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Tarsal's infinite scalability means as your organization grows, Tarsal grows with you. 

No vendor lock-in

Tarsal makes it easy for you to switch where you're sending data -- today's SIEM data is tomorrow's data lake data; all with one-click


Keep your SIEM and gradually migrate analytics over to a data lake. You don't have to rip anything out to use Tarsal. 


Your SIEM is one of the biggest line items in your budget. Use Tarsal to send some of that data to your data lake.


Some analytics just won't run on your SIEM. Use Tarsal to have query-ready data on a data lake.

Tarsal is the first highly scalable ETL data pipeline built for security teams. Easily exfil terabytes of data in just just a few clicks, with instant normalization, and route that data to your desired destination.

High Data quality

Tarsal makes sure the data that lands in your data lake is optimal for consumption

Curated, Security-First Connectors

Custom-built catalog of security-first connectors that Extract, Transform, and Load your data from anywhere to anywhere, when you need it.

Real Impact for Real Teams

Tarsal customer success stories

So much of a security team's effort is dedicated to building and managing data pipelines. With Tarsal, data ingestion, and normalization become effortless, allowing security teams to focus on actually using the data rather than wrangling it. Sunny, Manny, and the Tarsal team have also been ultraresponsive to our needs and are delightful to work with. I would highly recommend Tarsal to any security team!

Gaurav Begwani

Director of Security, Detection & Response

Tarsal gives us immense speed, autonomy and agility to ingest critical data sources into our security data lake with just few clicks. What generally takes days to build and maintain, takes under 5 minutes in Tarsal. We now focus on building detections, conducting threat hunts at scale while Tarsal plays the key role of data ingestion and normalizationa prerequisite to building an effective detections and response program.

Kyle Polley
Security Lead, Fintech

Easily plug in your data sources with our connector library