Tarsal Case Study

Robinhood® and Tarsal: Revolutionizing Security Data Integration with Flexibility and Choice

Robinhood Markets, Inc., an innovator in the financial services industry, employs Tarsal to streamline security data integration, offering a versatile and cost-effective approach to ingesting and analyzing their security data across multiple platforms.


As Robinhood’s business scaled, so did the complexity and volume of their cybersecurity data. Initially, Robinhood developed an in-house solution to aggregate and analyze their security data. However, the tool soon proved to be labor-intensive, demanding significant resources for maintenance and updates.

Furthermore, a major pain point for Robinhood was the vast array of data sources they needed to integrate with. Each source had its own unique data formats and interfaces, which made the task of data aggregation and correlation exceedingly complex. The diversity in data definitions and access protocols called for a robust solution that could streamline the data ingestion process without compromising on flexibility or data integrity.

In light of these challenges, Robinhood recognized the need for an external, specialized data pipeline product that could handle the intricacies of their data stack with less overhead. They sought a platform that could not only simplify the integration of multiple disparate data sources but also adapt to the various data structures and interfaces, thus enabling a unified and efficient approach to security analytics.


Robinhood’s adoption of Tarsal’s data pipeline marked a leap forward in achieving operational efficiency and analytical precision. Tarsal’s solution stands out for its:

  • Vendor Agnosticism: Tarsal empowers Robinhood with the ability to direct security data to their choice of analytics platform, including Splunk, Amazon S3, and Databricks, without compromising on the ease of integration.
  • One-Click Connectivity: Tarsal’s technology simplifies the integration process, enabling Robinhood to connect to various data sources with just a single click
  • Zero Maintenance: Once a connection is established, Tarsal ensures that the connectors are maintained without any required effort from Robinhood. This means that any updates, upgrades, or fixes are handled automatically by Tarsal, ensuring Robinhood’s data flows remain uninterrupted and up-to-date.
  • Broad Compatibility: Tarsal supports a wide array of data sources which ensures that Robinhood can access the data it needs, regardless of where it resides or the format it’s in.
  • Scalability: As Robinhood’s data grows, Tarsal’s pipeline scales accordingly, ensuring consistent performance and reliability.


Robinhood benefited from a substantial uplift in their security operations efficiency, achieving faster and more cost-effective log coverage for threat detection and response, which bolstered their overall cybersecurity posture. On the back of that success, Robinhood continues to expand its use of the Tarsal platform.

About Tarsal

Established in late 2022, Tarsal is the security data movement company that provides teams with a powerful platform to run security analytics on top of the modern data stack. Our solution seamlessly connects, normalizes, and routes data to multiple destinations, empowering organizations with total data access and cost-efficient, smart data movement. Tarsal’s technology breaks down silos, reduces vendor lock-in, and allows security teams to run cheaper and faster analytics on best-in-class data infrastructure.

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“Managing logs ingested from dozens of SaaS providers, each with its own format, authentication and delivery method is a challenge that required a significant investment of human hours. Tarsal takes away this overhead and enables us to focus on security improvements that are unique to Robinhood.”

- David Seidman, Head of Security Operations, Robinhood

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