We're on a mission

Solving Security's Data Problem

We're data experts, which is not what you'd expect from founders of a security company. But security problems are data problems! With a proliferation of security-relevant tooling, and security data growing over 20% year over year, security teams desperately need better data infrastructure.

That's where we come in. With an easy-to-use data pipeline, Tarsal streamlines data management for security teams everywhere.

Sunny Rekhi

Cofounder / CEO

Manny Gundampalli

Cofounder / Chief Architect

Barrett Lyon

Chief Technology Officer

Values make us better

At Tarsal, we believe in fostering a workplace culture that is friendly, supportive, and driven by excellence. Our core values shape who we are and guide our approach to everything we do:


Personal challenges are a part of life, and we extend empathy and assistance to one another during both good and tough times. Work matters (a lot), but so does caring for those around you.


We believe in a culture of constructive feedback. We think it's crucial for growth and improvement, and we like to give a lot of it. But we believe feedback must be delivered with care, empathy, and never with the intention to hurt or vent.


Today, not tomorrow. Speed is a compounding advantage, and for a startup, one of the only defenses. Every incremental hour of productive work matters.


To make something really successful, you have to care a lot. We are deeply passionate about our work. Our commitment goes beyond just fulfilling job requirements; we approach our tasks with enthusiasm and dedication, treating each project as an opportunity to create something special.



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